Eligibility :

  1. Each faculty may only send maximally four teams (team caps 48 teams). With N1 Adjudicators; N is the total of the team, so each team should send 1 adjudicator.
  2. All students of Unsoed are eligible to participate in the 17th IFDC proven by student card.
  3. Students who ever join national and international competition (e.g. JOVED, IVED, NNDC, AEO, ALSA E-Comp, ALSA 8.0 UGM, ALSA E-Challenge, English Parade, UADC, NUDC, HBD, MDO, etc) are not allowed to join The 17th
  4. Each team in The 17th IFDC consists of three members. With the requirement:
    1. All members of a team must be enrolled in the same faculty.
    2. The 17th IFDC committee would not permit the competitors from different faculty to participate, even in preliminary round.
    3. If one member can’t join on the preliminary round, the team can’t be eligible to break. If one member can’t join on the eliminary round, the team is counted as Walk Out and automatically loose.
  5. N1 Adjudicator is from the same faculty with the team.
  6. The Chief of Adjudicator reserves the right to investigate the legitimacy of any person participating in the 17th IFDC and reserves the right to expel any team or person who cannot be established to this satisfaction.

The complete rules and regulations can be downloaded on the link below.

Rules and Regulations of The 17th Inter Faculty Debating Championship

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