1. Registration will be divided into 2 phases.
    • 1st registration phase and 1st payment phase will be started on June 20th until July 31st 2016. Registration Fee is 150.000,- per person (debater/adjudicator/manager/observer).
    • Waiting List announcement will be announced on August 1st, 2016. Payment Phase for Waiting List will be on August 1st– August 4th 2016.
    • 2nd registration phase and 2nd payment phase will be started on August 5th – September 10th 2016. Registration Fee is 175.000,- per person (debater/adjudicator/manager/observer).
  2. Final Participants will be announced on September 11th 2016.
  3. Registration fee includes facilities, such as: meals, certificate, and best services from committee.
  4. Payment should be reached through these ways :
    • Cash directly to treasurer of the 17th IFDC Alfi Ardhiati Solikhah or at House of Student English Forum (HOS) around 3 pm – 8
    • Transfer to treasurer of the 17th IFDC Alfi Ardhiati Solikhah
      Bank                         : Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI)
      Account Number      : 0446785605
      Confirm your payment to 0895 2186 7182 with format 17IFDC_Faculty_Amount team_Amount transfered.
      Ex : 17IFDC_FMIPA_1 team_600.000
  5. The changing of delegates (debaters/managers/N1 adjudicators) should be confirmed to the secretary of the 17th IFDC Desi Nurul Aini (0815 4261 6780 & Line ID desinas.) maximally on September 10th 2016For those who confirm out of the date mentioned above, it will be charged for IDR50.000/person.
  6. At the first day, all participants (debaters/ adjudicators/ managers) are required to bring the original of valid student card and original of payment slip.
  7. The quota of participant is only 48 teams. If the quota is fulfilled, the registration will be closed.
  8. This year there is trading system. Trading system is if the maximum slot of one faculty do not fulfilled yet, other faculty that willing to send more than maximum slot is eligible to fill the slots as long as both parties have the agreement.
  9. The registered team that do not come on the day without any confirmation, will be counted as Walk Out team and deserve to get punishment: The faculty is not eligible to join IFDC in the next year.
  10. For those who are not legally registered, they will not get the facilities.

Click the link below to register your faculty.

Registration Form for IFDC
Independent Adjudicator Form

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